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Insights is financial services' first independent market research portal aiming to bridge the gap between lender offering and intermediary expectation across the United Kingdom. By becoming an Insights contributor, you will be part of a community which is helping influence the future of financial services.

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You’ll receive monthly surveys from us on a variety of topics - we want your honest answers, experiences, and feedback. Whether it’s your experience of the buy-to-let sector or your outlook for the intermediary market post-Brexit, we want to know your thoughts.

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As a thank you for helping us shape financial services, we’ll reward you with Insights Perks from exclusive early access to industry events to High Street vouchers. Not only this, but your contribution will be acknowledged when we publish our findings - so you’ll get the credit!

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Your insight will give us a unique perspective on the intermediary market as it stands. We’ll use this information to feed back to lenders and other providers in the industry and help create a more efficient sector which works for everybody - all thanks to your contributions.

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